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It’s hard to put in words what an athlete feels when everything he/she has worked for gets dealt a cruel hand.

Las Vegas Race Report

The days leading up to the IM 70.3 World Champs I felt pretty wretched. The legs ached on every ride and run, and I felt slow and uncoordinated when swimming. From

Mooseman IM70.3 Race Report

There is certainly nothing exciting to report on after my first race on this tour. Luckily I wasn’t expecting any fireworks, otherwise I might have been disappointed at the outcome, but it would have been a good confidence booster to get off to a better s

Ironman South Africa 2011 Race Report

After eventually winning the Ironman South Africa title again for the second time last year, five years after the first, I felt far less pressure to prove anything this year...

Race Report Ironman South Africa 2010

Raynard Tissink takes Ironman SA to win his 7th IM title.

Quelle Challenge - Roth

The Ironman distance race in Roth is considered to be one of the greatest triathlon events in the World, and by the Germans, who are arguably the strongest triathlon nation in the World, the biggest event outside of Hawaii...

Quelle Challenge, FRANCE - Race Report

At last, something positive to write about as far as my racing goes.

Great Disappointment at IM South Africa

The 2009 edition of the Spec-Savers Ironman South Africa ended up in huge disappointment after just 7kms into the marathon. With so much time and energy going into this event, it was extremely difficult to face the fact that I had to pull out of the bigge

IMSA 2009

Well, it's 2 weeks to go now till IMSA, and it can't get here quickly enough. The competition will be very strong this year, with 4 IM Champions all vying for the title.

SA 70.3, East London

Well, Christmas has come and gone and we are now well into 2009 with the first key race of the year coming up on Sunday. I have had an excellent training period over the holidays and was able to stay focused and disciplined throughout all the festivities,

Catching up with Raynard

If you’re curious as to what has been happening in Raynard’s life since the IM in Roth, you’ll be pleased to know that everything is back on track with his training for 2009.

Raynard's day in Roth

Raynard s performance yesterday at the Quelle Challenge in Roth, was probably one of the most difficult and most courageous performances he has had to date.

Race Report IMSA 2008

Raynard Takes Yet Another Podium Finish At IMSA

Ironman Korea 2007

Raynard Tissink's race report of Ironman Korea 2007

IM Western Australia

After my DNF in Hawaii last year, I decided that I had had enough of the Big Island, and my end of the year goal would be Ironman Western Australia instead. I had never been to Aussie, and this seemed to be a pretty flat and fast course, so it would be ni

Ironman South Africa 2007

Raynard Tissink's race report of Ironman South Africa 2007

Ironman Western Australia 2007

Raynard Tissink's race report of Ironman Western Australia 2007

Raynard's day in Kona

Today, Raynard raced the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Ironman South Africa 2006

Raynard Tissink's race report of Ironman South Africa 2006

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