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Luvuyo Banagzi -

One of the best gifts from doing Ironman in my mind is the ability to multitask. How we juggle and try to keep balance is a skill that needs work daily.

Week 14: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

The first 2 week Kona preparation block, and the last two weeks of hard training at altitude, has undoubtedly been the hardest 2 weeks of training in my life.

Week 12: Brought to you by VELOCITY SPORTS LAB

The last 2 weeks of training has been down in the mileage department, but way up in intensity. Sometime I wonder which is harder on the body,

Week 10: brough to you by Velocity Sports Lab

After a week of easy training, I was feeling a little more confident going into my first race since Texas. The little bit of speed work that I did in the days prior to the race felt good, with none of the usual burning sensation in the lungs, and I even g

WEEK 9: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

Since my last report a couple of weeks ago, there hasn’t been anything exciting happening apart from the two mini-breaks after my two 14 day endurance training blocks.

Week 6: brought to you by Velocity Sports lab

After a few days of feeling like I was getting on top of the battle with the altitude towards the end of last week, this week seemed to be a step backwards.

WEEK 5: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

Training only got underway on Wednesday this week after travelling back from Lubbock, Texas, on Monday, and a day off to recover from the long drive (and the race on Sunday).

WEEK 4: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

It was a short week of training this week due to my second race on this tour. Monday remained slow and “not-so-easy”, but Tuesday I tried to up the tempo a bit on the run.

WEEK 3: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

The second week at altitude was pretty much the same as the first – not pleasant for training. There was still a lot of wheezing and gasping for air during the tough swim workouts in the 50m pool.

Boulder Week 1: Brought to you By Velocity Sports Lab

The day after Mooseman 70.3, we headed south for warmer weather, and after a 3hr drive and 4hr flight, and another 1hr drive, arrived at our temporary home for the next 3 months


Axis House and Velocity Sports Lab go even bigger in 2011. They have taken over as Raynard's title sponsor, providing him with the biggest sponsorship opportunity ever, since he began the sport nearly 20 years ago.

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 19: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

As usual, Ironman morning starts with a 4am wake up call, a cup of coffee, light breakfast, and a final check to make sure I have everything I need for the swim start.

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 18: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

Aloha from the Big Island, one of a chain of eight islands making up the second non-continental US state, Hawaii. After seventeen and a half (sometimes long, sometimes where the hell did the time go) weeks, we finally arrived in Kona.

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 17: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

Our last whole week in Tucson, Arizona has come to an end, and with it, the last whole week of hard training. Although the mileage has come down slightly from previous weeks, the injection of more quality sessions has certainly kept the effort honest.

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 16 :Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

On Monday I travelled back from Muskoka, and this time the two flights were without incident, just smooth flying all the way. Spending 6 hours in the plane gave me some time to reflect on how things went in the race, and after carefully considering all th

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 15: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

The weeks are really ticking buy now, and it’s hard to keep track of time as training ramps up and the big race draws ever closer. Just four weeks until Kona, and the final race before the big day took place this weekend in the beautiful area around Musko

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 14:Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

It has been a trying week in many ways. The training, as always here in Tucson, is challenging when trying to fit in ultra-mileage in scorching hot conditions. But this week there was the added stress of having to deal with equipment malfunctions and the

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 13: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

It was back to Ironman training this week as the day of reckoning slowly approaches. With only six weeks left till the big showdown in Kona, the time has come to put in the big miles again.

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 12: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

This weeks’ blog gets to include a race report (yay!) after two and a half months of training, getting sick, trying to put back on the 5kg I lost before ITU Worlds in Germany (by eating anything and everything I could lay my hands on - must say, Burritos

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 11:Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

Our second week in Tucson has come to an end. Slowly but surely we’re getting over the jet lag (not that sleeping is ever a problem at any time of the day), but more importantly, bodily functions are starting to catch up with the 9hour time difference (

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