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Larissa van Deventer - You are an Ironman!

Why Ironman: I have always been fascinated by ultra events. Turning forty, I wanted a stretch target to commemorate the occasion. Ironman seemed to be a great idea and a proper stretch for somebody that was 10kg overweight and had not cycled since university

Update from Kyle Buckingham

Top Age Group athlete, Kyle Buckingham is currently training in Tucson, Arizona in preparation for the World Championships in Hawaii. Read on to find out how his preparation is going.

Di Mc Ewan: Race Report IMSA Di Mc Ewan: Race Report IMSA

Starting this race as one of the pre-race favourites made it a whole new, nerve wrecking but exciting experience. It was great to see how much media attention there is for this race. And of course there was the race within the race my battle and showdown with ‘The Master’ Lucie Zelenkova Reed. I did my utmost best to not let it any of it get to me and focused on what I could control and how I raced my race.

Kyle Buckingham: Race report from IMSA 2013 Kyle Buckingham: Race report from IMSA 2013

I Remember saying after 70.3 - just imagine if I can take that time and double it. GOSH I JUST DID THAT ....

Race Report from Kyle Buckingham SA70.3 Race Report from Kyle Buckingham SA70.3

My lead up to Ironman 70.3 was fantastic, I did everything right; meaning focusing on recovery, stretching, massage and thats what can separate you from your competition. The last fews days leading up to 70.3 I was relaxed and calm, knowing I was in fantastic shape....