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Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 13: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

It was back to Ironman training this week as the day of reckoning slowly approaches. With only six weeks left till the big showdown in Kona, the time has come to put in the big miles again.

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 12: Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

This weeks’ blog gets to include a race report (yay!) after two and a half months of training, getting sick, trying to put back on the 5kg I lost before ITU Worlds in Germany (by eating anything and everything I could lay my hands on - must say, Burritos

Operation Hawaii - Weekly Update 11:Brought to you by Velocity Sports Lab

Our second week in Tucson has come to an end. Slowly but surely we’re getting over the jet lag (not that sleeping is ever a problem at any time of the day), but more importantly, bodily functions are starting to catch up with the 9hour time difference (

OPERATION HAWAII -Weekly update number 10: Brought to you by VELOCITY SPORTS LAB

One week in Tucson, Arizona already and I must say that it’s great to be back in an English speaking country. It’s so much easier to get everything done.

OPERATION HAWAII -Weekly update number 9: Brought to you by VELOCITY SPORTS LAB

Unfortunately, no good news this week. After 4 days of no training, and next to no eating, I started with a little bit of training on Tuesday.