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One of the best gifts from doing Ironman in my mind is the ability to multitask. How we juggle and try to keep balance is a skill that needs work daily. So my wonderful coaches at Team Tissink prescribed a 4hour bike ride and 30min run on Saturday. My kids schools prescribed Monkeynastix at 9am (3yr old) and Fun park run at 9am (8yr old). All the meanwhile Smile Foundation had a Cyclothon at Baywest from 9am -1pm, another initiative at raising funds for that noble cause. 

Guess what we did it all, yep almost..


Up at 4h30 to catch a cycle group at 5h15am, 2h30min later and nearly 80km done and head back home

Wife takes 3yr old to Monkeynastix at 9am

I take 8yr old to Fun run at 9am (that would double up as my 30min run, though not quite the same intensity)

Leave school and head out to Baywest for 11am, 1 hour cyclothon slot. The instructor was killing me but it got done. In the end my 4hr bike ended up at 4hr bike (indoor counts 1.5 times LoL)

Lunch at baywest then straight home to catch the UCI worlds cycling race (women) and boom, out, fell asleep and that is no reference to the cycling…

Up at 6pm to attend 150yrs celebration of the Port Elizabeth St Georges Club, an old Gents club, not like Candy’s though. Proper business and professional gents..After lots of appletiser I left just before 9am and found my babies fast asleep, well except the wifey. Day ends.



I had a 1h45 min easy run and Ocean racing series in my Training plan..

Wake up at 7am, help wife to get kids ready for church at 9am

Head out of the house at 08h15 and head out to Hobby

ORS 2km swim turns in to 2.6km choppy swim (everyone got 500m+ bonus)

Shower and change into running gear, out into the gale force westerly winds..

17km’s later, cold and tired I head home for a shower and UCI men’s worlds

Sagan wins,SA finishes top 20, day made..


Thank you all for the support. Please find latest blog post here..


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After a great first year racing in the professional category in 2016, I was amped for the 2017 season. Feeling stronger and fitter and more in the "right head space" - I had done some great training over December spending many many many (and many more) hours on the bike - I loved it. My swim was starting to click, I was starting to understand the phrase "feel the water", and my running was strong

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