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December's Newsletter

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December is upon us already, which means holidays, overeating and traveling. Your training becomes a challenge in itself, as everyone is in holiday mode and the last thing you feel like doing is spending hours out training.

But, with 3 ½ months to go to race day, it’s vital that you continue with your training schedule. If you miss a session here and there, don’t worry about it. The break will do you the world of good, but DO try to maintain a solid routine and don’t miss the important sessions especially in your weaker disciplines. The advantage of continuing your training is that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating that 2nd helping of Christmas lunch.

If you have not yet entered IMSA, do so ASAP. They already have over 1400 entrants. You do not want to be turned away.

This month's newletter includes:

Events this month


This is another exciting addition to IMSA, for kids aged from 6-14 years. They will have the opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful sport of triathlon from an early age with a short swim and run around The Boardwalk Casino Centre.

Raynard and I will be running some training clinics for kids who are keen to take part in Ironkids, so if you are interested please contact us.

Seasons Greetings

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a safe journey during the holidays. Thank you for all the support you have given during this year! May 2007 be a very successful year for all!

Yours in IM,

Natalie and Raynard

Annah Watkinson - Race Report IM Brazil 2017

After a great first year racing in the professional category in 2016, I was amped for the 2017 season. Feeling stronger and fitter and more in the "right head space" - I had done some great training over December spending many many many (and many more) hours on the bike - I loved it. My swim was starting to click, I was starting to understand the phrase "feel the water", and my running was strong

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