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About 2 years ago I started getting early symptoms of diabetes at that stage I was weighing my heaviest of 128kgs. I felt tired all the time just wanted to eat and nap, couldn’t keep my eyes open at work after 2pm. Lots of late night trips to the toilet, dry mouth and mood swings. I decided that I do not want to end up with Diabetes and being sickly needing injections and tablets for the rest of my life. I wanted to be healthy for my family and my daughter. With a family history of diabetes and heart disease I needed to make a change.


I was always active in my younger years playing club soccer and cricket but it slowed down after I got married and started a family.


How I started the change…….


I started with walking, 1 lamp pole then 2, eventually around the block leading to a 5km fun run. I joined a running club that kept me motivated and entering races. I also won a makeover competition on Facebook that gave me 3 months training with a Fitness and wellness Coach Candice Leigh Everard as well as 3 months MMA classes with Team Evolution under Sensei Andrew Garai. They really got me going and over the hump. I soon dropped to 110kgs and felt amazing …… all in the space of 12 months.


About 3 years ago I went to watch my first local ironman here in Port Elizabeth, I was in awe of those athletes and the feeling you get when those swimmers line up for that morning swim, the national anthem got me teary and I said to myself I want to be a part of this one day !! I entered the 70.3 this year 2014 and trained on my own with no program and no support and deep down I knew I did not train hard enough. I missed the bike cut off by 15mins and was gutted. I soon lost motivation and picked up 8kgs in the winter. A friend of mine Luvuyo Bangazi tagged me on an advert for Raynard Tissink training academy and immediately a light went on and I knew I had to join. Since I entered the 70.3 and Full Ironman for next year 2015 I needed some help!!


I went to the presentation and I was hooked!


It was the best decision I ever made and the training is really getting my stronger and fitter faster. I enjoy the times and the cadence of the training and I can manage it with my work and family balance. On weekends we do long distances and sea swims. The training camps are amazing and every second with Raynard, Natalie and Alec are priceless I have learnt so much in a short space of time. They have so much patience its unbelievable Raynard has a heart of gold and he takes time to explain and really make me feel welcome and appreciates the effort I’m putting in. Trying the break the mold of a tall big built Indian fella’ trying to do triathlon has left a few people with unconfident looks but I told myself I can do this.


I see Ironmen as the ultimate athletes and I would love to own that accolade.


Since I started the program I lost 7kgs and I feel amazing, I’m so looking forward to the journey ahead and I’m positive Team Tissink will get me across the Finish line…


Yours in Tri!!


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