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Dear Athletes,

First off, some fantastic results and race reports from abroad with Stuart Marais taking his 1st 70.3 win in Italy. Stuart was due to race the 70.3 in UK, but has had flu, so resting up for Luxembourg.

Kyle Buckingham had a bumpy start to his US tour, crashing at 25km into the bike leg in Raleigh. Luckily he was uninjured and still went on to finish. A week later he raced the Eagleman 70.3 and finished in an excellent 6thplace in a stellar field.

Kathrin Walther finished in 5th place at the Challenge IM in Taiwan – so great results all round.

Hugo van Rooyen had a fantastic race at the Victoria Half IM, with a total time of 4hr32min, 4th in his age group and 27th overall. A great PB for him.

Caroline Koll proves that she’s a lady with many talents, taking to the skies in her first solo flight.  Caroline shares her flight with us below.

A lot of novice triathletes out there, seem to be under the impression that the Raynard Tissink Coaching Academy caters mainly for Elite level athletes. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as we have many beginner and intermediate athletes coached and mentored by Team Tissink.

One such novice Ironman athlete, Larissa van Deventer, recently achieved her dream of becoming an Ironman, over-coming numerous obstacles along the way.

Read Larissa’s Ironman Cairns success story here: http://www.raynardtissink.com/article/202

At Team Tissink, we believe in helping you be the best athlete that you possibly can be – whether you’re a beginner or a professional.



Group sessions led by Team Tissink athlete and coaching ambassador Kelly van der Toorn will be aimed both at bringing beginners into the sport and encouraging the intermediate athletes to step up to the next level. Group sessions are designed to cater for a range of ability.


Run sessions for all abilities will focus on balance, mobility and technique alongside increasing strength and endurance.

Bike sessions will be split with beginners improving their confidence on the road, riding short circuits and practising gear changes, cadence work, and just getting out there! Intermediates will also mostly ride short circuits and get to 'enjoy' a variety of Team Tissink controlled interval work, alongside improving bike handling skills.


Kelly van der Toorn has over 20 years’ experience competing in triathlon at national level in the UK and SA, and is passionate about encouraging athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to continuously set new goals as they improve. 

For more information please contact [email protected]  or [email protected]

We will also be starting Group Sessions in Johannesburg with the help of top Elite athlete,Caroline Koll (after she returns from racing in France.)

The aim is to get all athletes in the various areas in touch with each other, so as to promote training partners and groups, and to build Team camaraderie.

Raynard and I will also be travelling to PE for regular training camps on the IM race route from August onwards, to accommodate athletes.

STUART MARAIS – 1stplace Italy 70.3

Read Stuart’s race report here:     http://www.stuartmarais.com/ironman-70-3-italy/

KYLE BUCKINGHAM – 6thplace Eagleman 70.3

         Read Kyle’s race report here:  http://www.kylebuckingham.co.za/#!Eagleman-703-Race-Report/clfr/FA096563-DEDE-41DF-A9F1-F5EE3F657D9F

KATHRIN WALTHER -5th place at Challenge Taiwan

              Read Kathrin’s race report here: http://www.kathrin-walther.com/blog/a-5th-place-at-challenge-taiwan-aka-the-sauna-world-championships



Our multi-talented athlete takes to the air:

"Last week I completed my first solo flight as a student pilot - a feeling not too dissimilar to completing your first Ironman!  For those not in the know, this means taking off in an aircraft, without your instructor, and flying it around by yourself before landing it safely, while your already terrorized instructor holds his breath on the ground! This is my account of this step in the process of getting my wings....”

"For those of you training hard for your first, nothing is ever impossible ;).”

Read Caroline’s report here:    http://www.carolinekoll.co.za/flying-solo/

Brandon and Claudia Harcus recently came down from Jhb to do a 1 day personalized training camp with Raynard. We were lucky to have a gap in the weather and a fantastic day of training with many valuable lessons learnt and experience shared.


Good Luck to the following athletes racing around the globe in June and July:

Best of luck as well, to all our athletes taking part in various events at the Oyster festival in Knysna.

Please keep us updated on your training and racing, so that we can feature your stories in our next newsletter.

Race and training reports are welcome.

Happy Training J

Natalie & Raynard







Annah Watkinson - Race Report IM Brazil 2017

After a great first year racing in the professional category in 2016, I was amped for the 2017 season. Feeling stronger and fitter and more in the "right head space" - I had done some great training over December spending many many many (and many more) hours on the bike - I loved it. My swim was starting to click, I was starting to understand the phrase "feel the water", and my running was strong

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