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Raynard Tissink Training tips
Raynard Tissink has been competing in Triathlons for more than 22 years. He has eight IRONMAN titles and achieved four Top 10 finishes at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Triathlon has been part of his life for so long and everything he has achieved, he accredits to it. Through coaching and development, Raynard's new coaching academy is his way to give back to the sport.

Improving your performance is not simply about following a programme. Athletes training with the Raynard Tissink Coaching Academy receive invaluable guidance, encouragement, race tips and interaction with 8 time Ironman Champion, Raynard Tissink. All while helping you to achieve your personal best.

 Start within yourself for the first few minutes, giving your heart rate and breathing time to build up to the effort you can sustain for the entire distance. The tendency for most is to sprint as fast as they can, only to start feeling out of breath (and sometimes like they're having a panic attack), only to slow down drastically and struggling through the rest of the swim. So starting conservatively will help you enjoy the swim leg more, and probably see you achieve better swim times        .

The cycling section of a race is usually the longest part and is where the most time can be made up or lost. Attacking every uphill will see most of your energy being used, therefore leaving you fatigued at the start of the run, so save your power for pushing on the downhill and flat sections.

If you have never run straight after a bike ride before, the sensation is quite strange. "Jelly" like legs comes to mind, so practicing a run off the bike once a week will go a long way towards helping you run at your full potential. Starting the run at an easy pace for a few minutes will also give you time to get your running legs back, after which you can start lifting your pace to finish the race strongly.

To train with Raynard or for more information, please visit www.raynardtissink.com.

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