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Basic 24-week programme for IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa:

By Raynard Tissink of Raynard Tissink Coaching Academy

Level: Beginner but with experience in each of the 3 disciplines or limited experience in triathlons.

Please note that these programmes are designed for people of average fitness with no underlying health issues. Ensure that you have had a full medical check- up and have been given the go-ahead by your doctor. World Endurance Africa Holdings and Raynard Tissink Coaching Academy and its affiliates do not take responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or harm that may occur from attempting this training programme.

You should have a certain amount of base fitness and be able to complete a minimum of:

  • 1.5km swim
  • 30km bike
  • 5km run

This is a basic and general programme and is intended to get you across the finish line.

In-order to truly benefit from a structured programme, we encourage you to sign up with us for a more personalized and detailed programme, one that specifically takes your needs and requirements into consideration.

Visit the Raynard Tissink Coaching Academy website for more information.


Key Words: SWIM:

  • Drills: Choice of - One arm freestyle, Catch Up, High elbow fingertip drag
  • Kick: Sometimes with fins (must be short fins)
  • Pull: With a pull buoy, no kicking
  • Paddles: Size of paddles must be just bigger than size of your hand

NB: It is important to maintain a good form/stroke throughout your work out. Work on entry, catch, strong pull + push motion under water, with a long and relaxed recovery.

It is advisable to join a squad and swim with a professional swim coach, to ensure correct technique. Contact Natalie Tissink for Under water video analysis and stroke technique. ([email protected])

Key Words: BIKE:

  • Drills: One legged cycling drills to improve strength and constant power throughout pedal rotation. Best done on indoor trainer, or on flat, quiet stretch of road – with one leg unclipped.
  • Easy: 60-70% effort
  • Steady: 70-80% effort
  • Hard: 80-90% effort
  • TT- 20km Time Trial @80% effort
  • BG: Bigger gear with slow cadence preferably seated.
  • Hills: Long Hills: 8+mins climbing time. Short Hills: 4mins climbing time.Try stay seated as long as possible. Hills must be of ‘gradual incline’ and not be too steep. Steady to hard effort up hill, easy spin down to recover
  • Spin: Faster leg cadence
  • Li - Long Intervals: 5-8min in duration
  • Si – Short Intervals: 2-4min in duration

Key Words: RUN:

  • TOL: Easy effort – time on legs
  • Tempo: [email protected]% / [email protected]% - Repeated for duration of session
  • Hills: Steady to hard effort up hill, easy jog down to recover. Choose gradual hill, not steep, approx. 2mins long.
  • Int 1: 5min H/ 5min E
  • Int 2: 1min H/ 1min E
  • OB Brick: Run straight off bike
  • TT: 5km at 80% effort

This 24 week programme will be broken up into the following training blocks.

  • Weeks 1-4: Easy routine and mileage increase: Aim to gradually build distance at an easier pace. This block is to get you used to the consistency of training for all 3 disciplines
  • Weeks 5-12: 3 weeks’ base and strength/ 1 week recover: Aim to build a solid base and gradually increase strength.
  • Weeks 13- 18: 2 weeks’ speed endurance/ 1 week recover. Aim to gradually increase speed and strength over longer distances.
  • Weeks 19-24: Speed work, taper and race.

Please visit the following website to down load the training programme:


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