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Kyle Buckingham: Race report from IMSA 2013

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Kyle Buckingham: Race Report IMSA 2013


I sprinted into the water and swam pretty fast to the first buoy then I settled into a nice pace, I made a short surge soon after that which broke the pack up a bit and before I knew it I was in the lead of the swim. I led the swim for the first lap exiting the water in 1st of the main pack, lap 2 I didn't want to work to hard again so I sat behind someone's feet and came out the water about 3rd in 53min.

Couldn't wait to get on my new specialized Shiv and have a smash fest all by myself. I relaxed in the beginning of the bike and thought now's not the time to burn any matches even when I was feeling really good but it was hard to hold back. At the turn around point I had about a 3min lead over the 2nd age grouper, I just carried on with my plan for the first lap and everything went to plan. Lap 2 was very similar focusing on my nutrition and pace and was building a huge lead over any age grouper at this stage, I was passing a lot of the pro ladies and a few pro men. I had a pro behind me for lap 2 and 3 sitting about 3 meters back which wasn't great at all as he needs to be 10 meters, I just tried to relax and think this is my own race and focus on what I need to do. Lap 3 of the bike was still really consistent but for the remaining 20k's I backed off a bit saving my run legs. The crowd support was incredible, I had the whole Velocity Sports Lab team behind me as well as my family and friends along the way. I remember passing my family coming into T2 and as I did I was so happy with my bike time so I fisted the air with excitement!  Shortly after as I was taking my feet out my shoes Raynard was there commentating and when he saw me he was so happy and said something like "Dude you’re absolutely killing it”.

42k Run beast
I came out T2 feeling amazing, I had to hold back and not run to fast for the first few miles, then after that I could settle into a nice rythm running close to 2:52 marathon pace. Lap 1 felt like a breeze actually I felt really comfortable and strong, and smiles all round. I had fantastic support from my family, friends and my sponsors along the course which gave me a lot of hope that I could do this in good time. Lap 2 went according to plan leaving something in the tank for the 3rd lap, I dropped the pace a bit towards the end of the 2nd and when I came through for the 3rd I was back running at my target race pace. Lap 3 was a bit of a dog fight  at around the 35k mark at the university, I just tried to picture all the hard times I had been through in training especially the 7X1000's on the track.  I just remembered Raynard saying to me that this is how you going to feel towards the end of the run and this is how you get through it. The last 4k's I knew I was on target for the world record by an amateur but I needed to run 4min/k's which was not happening, best I could smash out was 4:05-4:10/k's, but 2km to the finish the crowd was there to bring me home. I high fived the Velocity Sports Lab team, and shortly after I had 1k to go to the finish, I was so excited with my achievement that I started to claim it and fist pumped the air. I entered the Red carpet and as I did my cousin handed me the South African flag again, I stood still and was so happy looking at the clock remembering to take another 15min off that because of the pro start but still couldn't believe my eyes. As I started running closer the announcer Paul Kaye was there with Raynard, I slapped their hands looking at Ray and moved closer to the clock. Here I was in a World Record time for my Age Group but missing the overall Amateur record by 43seconds. I collapsed after the finish line and as I did Paul Wolff came up to me asking if I need a stretcher, I didn't need one it was more of an excitement collapse than anything else. I gave a massive hug to Natalie Tissink and the whole GU team which were there in the V.I.P area, soon after I went back to the red carpet waving the flag to the crowd to say thank you and I am proudly South African.

I saw Nick Baldwin at the finish line as he came in 1 min before me, we were so happy for each other and our results because we had spent a whole month training together and we were on great form. He had a great race in his first pro debut and has a lot of talent, I wish him the best of luck in his career.

I then went to see my family to give them a massive hug especially my wonderful girlfriend who has supported me from the very beginning. Also a very well done to my brother who finished in 10:04hr a brilliant result for only training for 3 months with a new born baby and only cycling on an indoor trainer through the Winter, brings back memories of how I used to train in London but the only thing I didn’t have a child and I didn't start biking at 8:30pm!!! BIG ups to you my bro, you make me proud.

I just want to end off saying thank you to my family, friends and my girlfriend for their support. Thank you to my mentor and coach Raynard Tissink for the help and Guidance along the way, I hope to see a big future training with you.

My sponsors:
Velocity Sports Lab
Axis house with Trevor Mclean Anderson
GU Energy

53 swim, 4:38:59 Bike, 2:58:40 Run
8:34hr- 1st Amatuer and 7th overall qualifying and going back to Kona to win my age group.

Also to note that I did Ironman SA 70.3 in 4:17 also coming 7th overall, I Remember saying after 70.3 just imagine if I can take that time and double it. GOSH I JUST DID THAT, hahaha


Just crossed the line, all smiles!Waving the flag>With Natalie and the crowd from GUpre-Race planning with Coach RayBuckingham Family out supporting their son
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