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What Raynard eats and drinks in an Ironman

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A lot of people ask me what I use to fuel my body in an event like an IM.

So, here goes:


Always pasta, lots of it, normally something like SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE, with a plain and simple sauce – nothing too rich, creamy or fancy.

I like a bit of meat with my pasta the night before, not just carbohydrates.

This with a salad and a glass of red wine. YES, red wine!!

I also try keep a bottle of GU2O in my hand all day long, so that I am constantly hydrating myself.


A huge bowl of Jungle Oats with raisins and yoghurt and cup of COFFEE!



I find it very hard to eat in the race, and rely on my GU gels and GU20.

I take the following throughout the race:

Remember, I am out there for 8 and a bit of hours.

If you are going to be racing for longer, you need to eat as well.

The following are examples of what you can use throughout the race:

It’s always advisable to add something salty to your list, as you get so sick of sweet tasting things, and your body craves salt.

You need to replace the salt, esp if you’re not taking salt tablets, hence the suggested Pringles and Sarmies listed above.

Stick with products you have used in training and force yourself to eat and drink throughout the race, starting immediately after exiting the swim.

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