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The most important point to concentrate on in your swim training is to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible in the water.

Maintain a long, controlled stroke with a forward rolling of shoulders and relaxed recovery.

When you tense up in the swim, you start fighting the water and cause unnecessary fatigue.


Firstly, go to a reputable bike shop to ensure that your frame is the right size and that your setup is correct.

Then, try to train as much as possible in the position that you will race in. You want to be used to that position and comfortable with it, long before your race.


Try to run a 5 or 8km TT once a week to monitor your progress on the run.

Keep the TT on the same training route and at the same intensity (heart rate).

As your fitness improves, your time should decrease whilst the effort remains the same.


Run through every step of your transition in your mind prior to the race.

This will ensure that on race day your transitions run smoothly and automatically, without wasting any unnecessary time and effort.

Annah Watkinson - Race Report IM Brazil 2017

After a great first year racing in the professional category in 2016, I was amped for the 2017 season. Feeling stronger and fitter and more in the "right head space" - I had done some great training over December spending many many many (and many more) hours on the bike - I loved it. My swim was starting to click, I was starting to understand the phrase "feel the water", and my running was strong

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