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It’s hard to put in words what an athlete feels when everything he/she has worked for gets dealt a cruel hand. You can try and bluff your way through the game, but ultimately you are no longer in control of how the game turns out.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve been dealt one of those hands once again before a major race. The last 3 weeks have been a constant battle between my body and mind, trying to stay on track, and get the training that needed to be done out of the way. In the end, the body won. My mind just couldn’t keep forcing my body to do what it was protesting against each and every session, and when I was eventually forced to quit a training session half way through, I had to concede that something was wrong.

After a few days off from training I tried to ease back into it, but the physical signs were no better. Still I tried to push on, until the third day back when I cut another run short and barely made it home before collapsing.

 All the signs point towards a virus. Sore, stiff, aching muscles, constant headache, dizziness,  constant fatigue - but until a blood test is done, we won’t know what is going on. And by the time I get home I’ll be too angry and depressed to care about blood analysis.

So unless there is a quick island cure (like smoking some ‘erbs, or tossing a virgin into the smouldering belly of the volcano), it looks like the island has got the better of me once again. The love, hate relationship I have with this place continues. Love to race here, but hate training here as something always seems to go wrong.

My sincerest apologies to all those that have been behind me, and supported me over the last few months, it’s a disappointing way to finish off.

Especially to Trevor and Velocity Sports Lab, for their time, effort and money, it’s not a cheap exercise spending 5months in the USA preparing for a race.

Lastly, my poor wife, Natalie and my kids, Kade and Jordi, who’ve had to put up with my moodiness and depression for the last 3 weeks, there’s nothing worse than dealing with an injured or ill athlete.

 But, on a brighter note, at least you can all still shout and cheer for the Springboks; pretty sure they’ll bring the trophy home.


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