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Raynard's day in Roth

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Raynard's performance yesterday at the Quelle Challenge in Roth, was probably one of the most difficult and most courageous performances he has had to date.

He went into the race injured, not knowing how his legs would handle the marathon. In 2007, he had been forced to withdraw form Roth because of injury, he ws not going to do the same this year.

His race plan was to go as hard as he could for as long as he could, but to make sure that he got to the finish line.

The conditions on race day were horrendous. It had been raining on and off all week, and by the time race morning dawned, it was bucketing down. Very heavy rain and only 17degrees.

It was going to be a long, hard day for everyone.

Raynard had a good swim, exitingthe water in 49.07. This put him in the huge lead bunch, behind the break aways of Pete Jacobs and Kieran Doe.

It was when Raynard stood up out of the swim, that his troubles started. His right quad muscle went into such a cramp that he could not bend his leg. He tried stretching it, massaging it, but the leg had seized and would not release.

He got onto his bike, determined to carry on. For the first 10km, he rode with one leg, with the right leg stiff and in total spasm. Continuosly rubbing it and tryng to release it, it eventually eased by about 12km into the bike. But by now, Raynard had lost so much time and was way behind most of the pro women.

He thought his race for a top position was over, but he had to finish.

He got into a decent rythm, and slowly started playing catch up. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to get back up into the top 10 pro's off the bike.

And so the run started. Ok, maybe if he could just run steadily, he could gain some more places. His legs were tender, but he was gaining ground and was up into 7th place by 20km.

He was running behind Francois Chabaud, thinking this is ok - maybe I can still have a decent finish. But then the leg seized again bringing him to a complete stop.

It then became a matter of stretching, massaging, hobbling, walking, jogging all the way to the end.

It was probably his greatest challenge, not going for a podium or even a top 10 finish, but simply getting to the end.

When so many of the top athletes bailed, it was a remarkable performance for Raynard to push through and still finish.

Raynard will have to take at least 4-6 weeks off of running now, to allow his legs to recover completely. He has not had a decent rest now since before IMSA in 2007. That's 5 IM races and 1 70.3 in 16 months, so I think the rest will do him the world of good.

Raynard's personal race report will follow shortly!


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