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Raynard Tissink Coaching Academy

The Dawn of a New Era

After more than 2 decades of racing triathlons, Raynard has officially retired from the sport. Triathlon and specifically Ironman, has been an enormous part of our lives and it is with much anticipation that we move forward into this new chapter in our lives.

Raynard started competing in triathlons at the age of 16 at the 1st 5FM/Energade triathlon. He was successful from the start and immediately became hooked onto this challenging multi-disciplined sport. He has achieved success in all distances of the race, with numerous SA titles from Sprint Distance, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ultra to Ironman distances.

His 1st Ironman was the Ironman South Africa event in Gordon’s Bay in 2000, where he finished 10th. From there he went on to Malaysia in 2001 and finished in 3rd place. Ironman South Africa in 2001, saw him finish 2nd behind multiple Ironman Champion – Lothar Leder. It was this race that fuelled his immense passion and drive to excel in this challenging sport.

In his 4th Ironman in Korea, he took his first Ironman win and went on to compete in 33 Ironman events. He achieved 8 Ironman wins, 10 further podium finishes and 4 Top Ten finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

It’s been an unbelievable journey. We’ve traveled the world because of this sport. We've experienced and over-come many obstacles and challenges along the way. Raynard worked incredibly hard for every success along the way. We’ve lived on the smallest budgets, risking everything to try and achieve our dreams.

I have been at Raynard’s side since 1994. We were married in 1996 and our children, Kade and Jordi, have been fortunate enough to share a lot of this journey with us.
Raynard’s enormous dedication and commitment to this sport has seen him achieve results beyond our wildest dreams. But he has reached a point in his life where his heart is no longer in it and it’s time to move on and establish a future outside of professional racing. 

Our passion now is to give back to the sport that has given us so much and for Raynard to establish himself as one of the top triathlon coaches in the sport. He has so much to offer, so many years of experience and wisdom to pass on to future generations and stars.  Our goal is to guide youngsters, development athletes, beginners and elite athletes to achieve their own personal goals.

We will be running triathlon training camps, travel packages to various races, and offering hands on coaching to athletes of all levels.

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"Raynard Tissink has become an icon in the international Triathlon fraternity and has built up a following in South Africa and around the world." [Ironman South Africa]

Find out more about the Raynard and the athlete and benefit from lessons learnt from years of competition at the highest level.

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